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We take great satisfaction in not just offering top-notch fitness instruction, but also in fostering a positive and inspiring environment, a community. You will find a group of like-minded individuals of all ages and body types who are dedicated to working hard and attaining long-lasting fitness benefits as soon as you walk into your first class. We care about the people we work with and what we accomplish, and the gym floor reflects that.

People First.
Fitness Follows.

Most people who make resolutions lose weight or adopt a better lifestyle rarely stick to them. They can pay for a gym membership, put on the appropriate attire, follow the appropriate Instagram users, or play “Eye of the Tiger” nonstop, but without this ONE essential component, they will fail. We require coaches and friends to lead, inspire, and support us if we are to genuinely follow through on attaining our goals. Without it, people lose motivation and give up on the road. We have all witnessed it countless times. At Nemesis, you’ll discover a supported community of individuals who are invested in your fitness journey right away room the start of your free trial class. You’ll come across a family.

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Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Customized Fitness Programs

Every workout we provide is planned and customized to your skill level and fitness objectives.

Specialised Coaching Every Session

Each lesson that you attend is actively coached by our highly qualified coaches.

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

Our program makes advantage of functional movements that your body was built to perform.

Friendship & Accountability

Our biggest asset is our community. You’ll make friends for life who will encourage, challenge, and inspire you.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

Because we want you to receive the attention you need during each session, we cap the number of students in each of our classes to 12.

Onsite Children’s Creche

Don’t let becoming a parent stop you from pursuing your wellness objectives since you’re happier when you’re physically and mentally healthy.

Free Online Workout Journal

Through our mobile app, you may track your exercises, document your own accomplishments, and interact with other users.

Complimentary Showers

Every one of our members has access to showers and locker rooms with free towel service.

High Speed WIFI Lounge

All members and guests have access to a comfortable reception area with lounge and WiFi, ensuring that they are never disconnected!

Meet The Nemesis Team

Tareke Le Lievre

Owner & Head Coach

Tareke has over seven years experience as a CrossFit trainer with a background in Mixed Martial Arts and still currently competing in CrossFit. He is one of the most well rounded fitness coaches in Australia.

Olivia Coulston

Owner & Coach

With over 5 years in the industry Olivia has her cert 3&4 in fitness and is rapidly growing her PT client base by producing unmatched results.

Selinda Davies


Until 2018 Selinda was just another office worker with low fitness and no knowledge of CrossFit. She discovered CrossFit in 2012 was instantly hooked and today loves coaching our beginners classes.



Shane started at Nemesis in 2021 when he moved back to Shepparton and wanted to improve his fitness. He had never tried CrossFit but was intrigued to give it a go. Nervous at first but soon found that everyone was very welcoming and encouraging.

We Are Here To Make Everyday A Personal Best, Inside And Out

Not reaching your goals on your current program? If group classes aren’t for you, our personal training sessions definitely are! With a range of days and times to suit your needs, reach out today.

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